Dress – Forever 21 ($15) | Heels – H&M | Bag – YSL

Today on the blog I wanted to share some cute and festive Valentine’s dresses all which are under $100 (most are under $50). The one I snagged above is under $15 and perfect for V-day if you live somewhere warm like we do! All of these dresses will also be cute as we head into spring and summer paired with a cute jean jacket + some wedges. Whether you’re headed out to dinner with your lover or out for drinks with your gal pals – I’ve got you covered with some cute outfit ideas.

I hope these options help you and as always if you need my opinion or input on your decision just send me an email to jennifer@jenniferxlauren.com – I love hearing from you guys and helping!

Valentine’s Day Dresses Under $100

Red Dresses

Pink Dresses

Dresses Under $50

Happy February 1st loves!

I am pretty happy that January is over and I think we can all agree it is the longest month of the year. It is officially the start of love month and the month of pink which you can probably guess makes me pretty happy! Today I wanted to share a few Valentine’s gift ideas for any love bugs on your list! Valentine’s to me doesn’t mean spending a whole lot but gifting something cute and meaningful. This year I already know I am getting Bryson the grey fuzzy pullover below because he always jokes about wanting my pink one I wear all the time. I also always make him a handmade card because I think thats cute and meaningful. I hope these gift ideas help make your Valentine’s shopping easier and feel free to send this link to your boyfriend or husband to give him some gift ideas for YOU!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

Sweater – Free People | Jeans – Rag & Bone | Bag – Gucci

Today I’m talking all about hair on the blog and I have a very special guest writer to help answer some frequently asked hair questions – my hair stylist/hair goddess Ally Feezel. I went and saw Ally for the second time last week and we updated my highlights and added some Halo Couture Extensions for fullness. I have never had extensions before but I am super impressed with these tape in extensions so far. These extensions do not require heat or glue and are not damaging to your hair which is amazing. I barely notice that they are in except for the fact that my hair now looks amazing even when I wake up!

Before I jump into the Q&A I did with Ally I wanted to share my updated hair care routine for those who frequently ask. I just changed my shampoo and conditioner to Virtue. I use the Virtue Smoothing Shampoo and the Virtue Recovery Conditioner and I have only been using these new products for a week but I can already feel a change in the healthiness of my hair especially with all of the bleach we use to highlight. As far as after the shower – I use the Unite 7Seconds Detangler and Leave in and I swear by this stuff. I have used a ton of leave in conditioners having been in the hair industry and this one is by far the best and the smell is amazing + it does not weigh my hair down.

As far as styling goes – T3 sent over a package to me at the end of last year with their adaptable curling base and a few different wand and iron attachments. Lately I’ve been using the 1.5 or the 1.25 inch curling iron attachments. I love these irons for three reasons – 1) they are so fluid in the way you curl it is like an OCD girls dream come true *me* 2) the T3 irons are made to keep your hair healthy – which is a plus for heat tools 3) they are so pretty in design with the white and rose gold. After I curl my hair I finish off my curls with the Unite Texturiza Spray which is a texturizing spray that gives your hair body and lift. This is my holy grail product and I don’t think I can ever be without it. I’ve used the Orbie Texturizing Spray and I prefer the UNITE one over that. That is my whole hair care routine and everything I use in my hair on the regular. Now let’s get into the hair Q&A with Ally.

10 Hair Questions Answered by My Hair Stylist Ally Feezel

Q1: What are some tips for growing out your hair and keeping it healthy?

For growing out your hair the best thing to do is not cut it! I personally don’t believe the old myth about trimming your ends every 6 weeks to help it grow. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so if your cutting it every 6 weeks or so you’re hair isn’t having enough time in between appointments to grow. I recommend going at least 3 months in between appointments unless your hair is super super fine – in that case I would try to go between 8-10 weeks and have your stylist only trim 1/4 inch or so at a time. If your hair is super healthy and thick or in great condition try to go as long as possible between hair cuts! Talk with your stylist and see what she recommends.

 Using good products and taking multivitamins is another great way to help your hair grow. Using a professional shampoo and conditioner (I like the Virtue Recovery, which adds strength and keratin to damaged hair) I would also use a leave in conditioner (I like the 7Seconds from Unite, which is a heat protectant as well), and always use a deep conditioner. I LOVE the Living Proof Restore Mask. Keeping your hair healthy by using good products and not using too much heat is the best way to help with hair growth, because healthy hair is happy hair!

Q2: What are some tips you have for building body when styling?

A few tricks for getting volume in your hair include using a volumizer on your hair when wet, before you blow dry. And then using a product like the Unite Texturiza when dry to add extra body (it is like teasing your hair in a can, one of my favorite products). When blowdrying your hair, try flipping your head upside down, or blowdrying your hair in opposite directions from how in naturally lays. The key is to “over direct” your hair to get more lift. You can also try using hot rollers too! I have several clients who do this as an easy alternative for volume.

Q3: What are some supplements or vitamins you recommend for maintaining healthy hair?

Biotin + Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E! Also maintaining a healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water and eating protein.

Q4: How can a client get rid of split ends without loosing too much length?

Product wise I would recommend the Virtue Split End Mender. I LOVE this product for sealing split ends on the hair when it’s dry. Also using a good shampoo + deep conditioner etc to help keep the hair healthy. There is also a cutting technique called the “invisible haircut” which involves cutting only on the surface on the hair strand, removing no length. It’s a great option for removing split ends and no length! Ask your stylist about this technique.

Q5: What are some tips for fighting frizz during the dry months?

For Frizz I love using oils, like the Unite U Oil. Using this on wet hair and then again on dry hair is great trick for frizz!

Q6: What products do you recommend a client uses in their daily/weekly routine?

Here is my favorite weekly product routine for the best hair possible – Once a week use a clarifying shampoo. I love the Weekender by Unite. This gets rid of build up and hard water minerals. After the clarifying shampoo I recommend a purple shampoo, and this helps get rid of yellow tones and brightens up the color (good for Brunettes too). For a good purple shampoo I highly recommend the Blonda by UniteI do this combination once a week. On the other days use a shampoo and conditioner with moisture or protein. Once a week (or more) I recommend a deep conditioner, and always use a leave in conditioner and heat protectant. This is my favorite routine for healthy hair!

Q7: How often should we be washing our hair?

Everyone is different! I personally wash my hair about 2 times a week. I have clients that wash their hair everyday, but could honestly go every 2 days if they just gave it a chance. I also have some clients that only shampoo once a week. Dry shampoo does wonders. I LOVE the PHD dry shampoo from Living Proof! I think a good number would be 2-3 times a week. For someone with really fine hair that gets extra oily maybe every other day.

Q8: How often should we change our shampoo and conditioner?

I think it is good to switch it up! I personally keep these ones in my shower:

1) The Weekender Clarifying Shampoo

2) Blonda Purple Shampoo

3) A shampoo and conditioner for damage (adds protein)

4) A shampoo and conditioner for moisture

I alternate between the protein based combo and the moisturizing combo, because everyones hair needs both. So yes, I guess I have about 6 shampoos in my shower and think it is best to switch it up!

Q9: What are your current favorite hair styles and colors for 2018?

For color clients are still loving the low maintenance lifestyle of balayage and baby lights. I have so many clients transitioning from heavy traditional highlights to more of their natural colors with a few highlights to break up the outgrowth. Color clients are looking for more depth, and dimension and embracing more of their natural color or doing root shadows with pops of blonde around the face like I do on Jennifer below. For haircuts clients are still loving the long bob, and the shag is also coming back!

Q10: What are some tips for getting a salon style blow out at home?

  1. Use a lightweight hair dryer so its not too heavy for you to hold. Investing in a blow dryer like a T3 Featherweight is a great option! It helps with frizz and a quicker blowout.
  2. Find the correct size round brush. Your round brush should be as wide as your shortest layer, it should wrap around the brush with the end fitting perfectly underneath.
  3. Get about 80% of the moisture out of your before blow drying with a round brush. Go in opposite directions or hold your head upside down to get volume!
  4. Dry your hair in sections that are not too big – 1/2 inch in width is a good rule of thumb!
  5. Finish with the right products like a split end mender for frizz, a shine spray, etc.

I hope you guys enjoyed this talk about hair and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to Ally personally on Instagram @hairbyallyfeezel – she is a hair whisper! Shop some of the products and tools we mentioned in this post below!

Cardigan – Free People | Tank – Forever 21 | Skirt – Free People | Bag – Gucci | Necklace – Etsy

Hat – Free People | Thermal – Forever 21 | Leggings – Zella | Shoes – Adidas | Bag – YSL

Hat – Topshop | Sweater – Chicwish | Jeans – Mott & Bow | Booties – Steve Madden | Bag – Chloe | Sunglasses – Ray-ban

Sweater – Forever 21 | Skirt – Forever 21 | Boots – Marc Fisher | Bag – Free People

Sweater – Free People | Jeans – Rag & Bone | Booties – Vicidolls | Earrings – Shopbop

Henley – H&M | Joggers – Revolve | Slippers – EMU | Beanie – Topshop

Dress – H&M | Boots – Marc Fisher | Jacket – Shein

Jacket – Thread & Supply | Leggings – Revolve | Shoes – Nike | Beanie – Free People | Sunglasses – Ray-ban

Beanie – Topshop | Jacket – Thread & Supply | Leggings – Revolve | Shoes – Nike

Beanie – Free People | Sweater – Leith | Jeans – Rag & Bone | Boots – Hunter

Beanie – Topshop | Jacket – Free People | Scarf – Free People | Bag – Free People | Boots – Stuart Weitzman

Earmuffs – H&M | Sweater – H&M | Jeans – Mott & Bow | Boots – Sorel

Beanie – Topshop | Jacket – H&M | Jeans – Rag & Bone | Boots – Sorel

Leopard Sneakers – Golden Goose | Pink Slides – Gucci | Pink Sneakers – Adidas | Pink Booties – Steve Madden | White Slides – Treasure & Bond | Black Booties – Steve Madden | Bag – Chloe

Scarf – Free People | Sweater – Vicidolls | Leggings – American Apparel | Boots – Stuart Weitzman

Cardigan – Chicwish | Jeans – GRLFRND | Slides – Treasure & Bond | Bag – Gucci

Scarf – Madewell | Sweater – Nordstom | Jeans – Mott & Bow | Bag – YSL | Boots – Stuart Weitzman

Top – Free People | Jeans – Zara | Booties – Steve Madden

Cardigan – Shein | Tank – Forever 21 | Bag – Gucci

Happy 2018 loves! I cannot believe how fast the end of 2017 went. The holidays were here and gone before I was even able to process them BUT I am so ready for a fresh start and to bring more content to the blog this year. Today I wanted to share a big Instagram round up of some of my favorite posts from the end of 2017 + some of my best and worst purchases from the year. I have a bit of a impulse spending problem (just a bit) and I love trendy things but sometimes that leads to bad purchases. Below are my best and worst purchases from 2017!

Best Purchases from 2017

Gucci Marmont Matelasse bag – This cross body is literally the perfect everyday bag! It fits everything you need and I love + alway will love this color!

Ray-Ban Icons black sunglasses – I think I wore these sunnies 350/365 days last year. I even bought them in the pink color recently and love those as well!

Levi 721 Skinny Jeans – These jeans are so comfortable and are really an everyday go to! I plan to order them in the darker color this year!

Saint Laurent Medium Shoulder Bag – Honestly I was unsure about this bag when I first got it but now I am carrying it just as much as my pink Gucci Marmont! I LOVE this bag + it goes with everything!

Leith Bell Sleeve Sweater – I have worn this pink sweater so many times since I got it (twice just this week). It is a really good staple sweater and it comes in a ton of colors + it’s soft and cozy.

Gucci Slides – These slides are definitely a splurge item but I’ve worn them so many times already they were worth the splurge. They were definetly a repeat for me in 2017 and I know I will still wear them in the years to come as they’re such a classic style!

All of my Zella leggings – I would be nothing without my collection of Zella leggings. They are affordable and I have a ton of colors from solid black to cute pink ones + I wear them weekly if not daily. I am so glad I found this brand last year!

Adidas Tubular Sneakers – These are definitely the most comfortable and cute sneakers I own. They feel like you’re walking on clouds and the pink color is so adorable! I might need them in the grey color as well.

Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan – This cardigan has come in handy so many times. It’s perfect for travel and to throw on for plane rides. It’s also comfy to throw on in the mornings while drinking coffee + It’s cute with lounge wear or even with a skirt and booties. I love it!

Leopard Golden Goose Sneakers – These were another splurge item but I just love a cool pair of shoes and these ones are so comfortable and cute! I recently got these at the end of 2017 but I know I will wear them all year long. I wore them today with a pair of jeans and a sweater. They go with everything!

Worst Purchases of 2017

Gucci GG Belt – I’m not saying I hate this belt or the style I think the look just got too trendy for my liking last year. I am hoping it will be a classic style that I can bring back out eventually but right now it’s not a favorite of mine. Onto of that – I ordered it too small where it’s hard to wear it around my waist which could be another reason it is on my worsts list.

Old Skool Vans – I think these sneakers also got a little too trendy for my liking and looking at these in my closet right now, I probably won’t wear them into 2018 but we will see!

Looking back at my picks from 2017 I honestly didn’t have a whole lot of bad purchases. I definitely thought I would have a lot more worsts but I guess thats a good thing! I hope you guys liked this post and I can’t wait to bring a ton of new content to the blog this year. Happy 2018 and chat soon!


Dress – Lush | Boots – Marc Fisher

Holy moly! How is it already December 15th and I have not put a post up in over 20 days? I think I know why. Our business FurryFreshness has had the busiest two months we’ve ever had, which is a great reason to be absent in my opinion! We also went to Cabo last week for Bryson’s brothers wedding which was amazing! We have been so busy these last few weeks I didn’t even have time to do any Christmas shopping and did all of our shopping online this week within a 24 hour period. Needless to say things have been nuts for us.

I am finally starting to feel caught up and ready for the holiday! We are leaving for Michigan next week to spend Christmas with my family and we cannot wait to see them + the snow! With the holidays quickly approaching I wanted to share some holiday dresses which are perfect for those last minute Christmas parties, events, church or even NYE parties. This gold one is from Lush and it is under $56 and so adorable with over the knee boots or heels! I’m sharing a few more of my favorite holiday dresses below.

My Favorite Holiday Party Dresses

I am so sorry again I haven’t been able to provide much holiday content or gift guides. I am planning to share some last minute gift ideas to help you guys finish up your shopping early next week so stay tuned for that! xx