Top – Nordstrom | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Jeans – Zara | Bag – Gucci | Heels – Forever 21

Happy Tuesday loves! Bryson and I spent the end of last week in San Diego for a spontaneous weekend away + a marketing event we attended for our business. The weather was perfect and I have to say San Diego is slowly becoming my preferred spot in California over Los Angeles but I really love them both. Speaking of love – this top. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it and I couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog. It is the perfect off the shoulder, ruffle top for the spring and summer and it dresses up with some jeans and heel or down with some shorts and espadrilles so easy. It is under $75 and you can shop it HERE.

On another note – it occurred to me the other day that I have been blogging pretty consistently for over a year now and I’ve yet to introduce myself nor do I have a bio here on my blog. Not only did I think “I really suck” but I also thought “that HAS to be my next blog post” so here are 10 fast facts about myself and my life;

Get to Know Me

  1. I’m 24 years old, a Leo and I’m originally from Michigan.
  2. One month out of high school I started Cosmetology school at an Aveda Institute and I graduated 13 months later. I started working at a high end hair salon and specialized in doing hair color.
  3. During this time I tried out for America’s Next Top Model and made it to the finale round only to be cut before taping because I wasn’t attending a school aside from Aveda and this was for the “college edition”. I even had to fly out to NYC, audition in front of a camera speaking directly to Tyra Banks, sign the huge contract, have a film crew come to my house and tape me and my family. Needless to say – this my one and only modeling attempt.
  4. I moved shortly after that to Texas for my boyfriend Bryson. I’ve known him since I was about 7 as our moms are best friends and he is the eggs to my bacon. After being long distance for a few months and visiting him once in Houston I decided to pack and ship 3 boxes and jump on a one way flight bound for Texas. We’ve been together going on 5 years now.
  5. We lived in Houston for 8 months before deciding we wanted to move over to Austin because it’s so pretty here. This is where we are currently living. We love it in Austin but we also love California and hope to have a spot in both places eventually.
  6. We have two golden retrievers – Riley + Ralf and one Persian kitten named Keek.
  7. Bryson and I own a business called FurryFreshness which we launched in 2015 and it is a carpet cleaner spray for pet stains and odors. This is what I am focused on about 90% of my day and the rest of my time I spend working on my blog or other various day to day activities.
  8. I also own an online boutique called Melvina which I launched shortly after moving to Austin but I have recently slowed down with that as FurryFreshness has gotten busier. I am hoping to relaunch Melvina in the coming months (or years) with a different look. I’ve loved having it and don’t think I would ever get rid of the business completely. I am just hoping to get more time to focus on it soon!
  9. My family back in Michigan means everything to me. I hate living so far away from them but I try to go back to home as much as possible to see them. I have two older brothers + my mom and my dad and I love them all so much!
  10. I started this blog as a passion and as an outlet for my personality and creativity. That will always be my driving force behind this. I couldn’t think of a better #10 so that’s all I have haha. Oh and my favorite foods are crab legs and Mexican food but as separate meals, definitely not together at once.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 10 facts about my life and I hope to share more as I continue to blog in the future! Have a great rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!

Shop my look via the images below.

Sweater – Free People | Jeans – Zara (similar here and here) | Shoes – Chanel | Bag – Gucci | Sunglasses – Quay

Bag – Gucci | Card holder – YSL

Top – Nordstrom | Jeans – Zara (similar here and here) | Belt – Gucci | Bag – Gucci | Shoes – Zara (similar here and here) | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Sweater – Free People | Bag – Gucci

Top – Sincerely Jules (older style similar here) | Jeans – Zara | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Shoes – Miu Miu

Cardigan – Forever 21 | Sweater – Cabi | Jeans – Zara | Sandals – Forever 21 (old) | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Dress – Nordstrom | Booties – Dolce Vita | Bag – Gucci

Sweater – Cabi | Skirt – Topshop | Shoes – Vans | Belt – Gucci

Boots – Steve Madden (currently 60% off) | Sneakers – Steve Madden

Jacket – Nordstrom | Sweater – Forever 21 | Jeans – Forever 21 | Shoes – Steve Madden | Bag – Gucci

Top – Forever 21 | Jeans – Zara | Bag – Chanel | Slides – Gucci | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Happy Thursday loves! I hope you’re all having a fab week so far. Today has been the first day all year that I have pulled out my cutoff shorts so I am pretty happy about that. I will say this now and probably regret it later but I’m ready for the Texas heat to return. Bring on my cutoff shorts and summer dresses!

Today I wanted to do a quick Instagram round up since I haven’t done one in a few months and I have been posting a few #ootd looks that didn’t make a full blog post. Sharing all those looks and details with you above. I also wanted to share a few tips that I get asked about a lot and that is on how to keep your Instagram feed looking consistent and themed. I have 6 tips on how to do that for you guys. I probably have few more than 6 so if you need a few more just ask me!

6 Tips to Keep Your Instagram Feed Consistent

  1. Pick your colors – This can be a single color or a few different colors that you really love to wear and that make you feel confident. I have talked about this in the past but having a color that is your go to not only makes shopping and styling easier since you will have tons of other pieces that go with that color but chances are you will also pick a color you feel most confident in. My color is obvious I love baby pink, blush pink and mauve pink. With those pinks I usually pair them with black, grey or neutral tan. Doing this color scheme over and over again in your feed and in your styles is one of the biggest tips I give for creating consistency. Pick your colors and go with it!
  2. Pick you go to backdrop – When I say this I mean figure out what you like to have in the back of your photos. Some people like to have a really busy backdrop like maybe standing in a city street with cars and taxis passing or with sky rise buildings in the backdrop (a good example of this style would be Emily Luciano). Currently I prefer to find a single wall usually a grey, white or sometimes pink with cool texture or a cool mural that fits those wall colors. I like to keep my background pretty clean and simple at the moment. Find out what you like best and what suits you and stick with that pattern in your background. This will again help create a unified look throughout your feed post after post.
  3.  What else? РAside from what you typically post with your outfits and styles what else do you want to include in your feed? Do you want to include food, coffees, home decor? For me I LOVE flowers so I post a photo typically with pink flowers once every 8-10 photos. I also love sharing pretty quotes I find on Pinterest or on IG that fit with my color theme. Adding these flower photos and quotes helps to blend my feed all together and the flowers make it look super pretty (in my opinion). Try to include these what else photos in your feed blended in with your other style photos.
  4. Pick your niche – I know this sounds cliche but it is another great way to create consistency throughout your feed. Figure out what types of posts you like to share and what you like to style. For me my looks are typically pretty basic everyday looks but jazzed up with accessories, typically designer. I also really like trendy in the moment looks and styles and my followers know I love anything with ruffles, star print or anything pink. These would all be my niches. What is something you always go back to and is your classic look or your niche? Stay true to your style and do your best to portray that within your feed.
  5. Use a planning app – I would be nothing without my planning app. I currently use UNUM which you can find in the app store and it helps me to plan the order of my posts and which photos look best together in my feed. For me I have to visually see how the feed is going to look before I post each photo. This might sound OCD but that is because I am very OCD if you didn’t already know haha. If you haven’t tried a planning app before I would highly recommend downloading one so you can visually see your feed and help to plan ahead for future posts.
  6. Photo editing – I plan to do another entire blog post about how I edit my photos since I also get a lot of questions about this but one big tip in keeping your feed unified is keeping your photo edits very similar. I have a routine I typically do for each photo as I’m sure you probably do too. I also use the same filters on each photo to really help make all photos look unified. Figure out how you like your photos edited best and try to keep that editing routine the same for each post.

I hope you guys liked these tips and you learned at least one thing to apply to your feed to help! Thanks as always for stopping by and chat soon!

Jacket – BLANKNYC (currently 35% off)| Sweater – Topshop | Skirt – Topshop | Sandals – Forever 21 | Bag – Gucci | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Happy March 1st loves! I am always so happy to welcome March because personally January and February are my least favorite months + March means spring is on the way. Depending on where you live, it might be time to put away the winter wear and bring on the spring wardrobe.

One of my current favorite year round staples in my wardrobe is this faux leather jacket. I know I’ve talked about it a billion and seven times but I just love it that much. A leather jacket is such a must have closet staple that can be worn year round and styled so many ways. I wear this jacket with everything from skirts and jeans to¬†athleisure wear and everything in between. I even wore it with my sweats to the grocery store the other night and still looked chic in my book because of the jacket. If your wardrobe is lacking a good leather or faux leather jacket my current #1 tip is grabbing one (shop mine HERE).

Another exciting thing happening besides the start of March + spring coming is the annual SHOPBOP mega sale. This is a perfect time to pull out the wallet and invest in some designer items that hardly ever go on sale. Shop up to 25% off on regular priced items and additional 25% off sale items. There are pages and pages of goodies on sale so I went through the sale per usual and picked a few of my favorites. Shop them via the images below and use the code GOBIG17 at the checkout.

Thanks as always for stopping by and happy shopping!

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