Top – Chicwish | Jeans – Zara | Heels – Dolce Vita | Sunglasses – Quay

Let’s talk statement tops.

I love a good statement piece because for me they’re easy to wear. Add a statement top for example like this gorgeous pink one from Chicwish and you can keep the rest of your look pretty minimal. Pair your statement top with a pair of simple jeans and heels or shorts and a cute pair of tennis shoes or sandals and you’re good to go. You can let the statement top all the talking making getting ready – simple!

Statement tops are another style I am currently loving and have seen trending for the spring and right into summer. Think anything with a structure detail, ruffles, bows or even one shoulder and ruffles. The combinations and colors are endless and these tops are everywhere and so adorable to add to your wardrobe for the summer. I have hand picked some cute ones for you guys below that I have personally had my eye on. Chicwish also has some really cute ones for affordable prices (under $50) you can check their selection out HERE!

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Top – Sans Souci | Overall Dress – Forever 21 | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Today I wanted to share another trend I am currently loving right now + seeing a ton of lately which is overalls. If you’re a 90’s kid like me the inner child in you is loving this trend. I totally remember wearing overalls when I was a kid and I love that they’re back in style. Overalls are also so easy to wear and you can literally put any type of top under them but I really like the look of an off the shoulder look with them.

I’ve been wanting to give the overall trend a try but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a pair because I know they’re a trend I won’t wear for long. When I saw this pink overall dress at Forever 21 the other day I instantly said “YEP!” – it comes in two colors (pink and black) and is under $30. If you’ve been wanting to give overalls a try I suggest checking out a store like Forever 21, H&M or Zara to find a pair that will be more affordable for such a trendy look. I’ve linked some other cute overall options below for you guys.

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Top – Topshop | Shorts – Topshop | Heels – Dolce Vita | Sunglasses – Quay | Bag – Chanel

Happy Sunday loves! I just got back into town after being in Michigan for the last two weeks visiting my family. It was SO good to see my mom, dad, brothers, nephew and aunts + uncles. Being 1300 miles away from my family is the hardest but I try to enjoy every second with them while I’m home. <3

Today I wanted to share another trend or rather two trends I am loving at the moment. Give me anything that has ruffles on it and or is gingham print. Ruffles and gingham are both two styles that are on trend at the moment and I thought why not combine the two into one look? As soon as I saw this gingham top and these ruffle shorts I knew the two would go together for a perfect edgy feminine look (how I would describe my style in a nutshell).

 This gingham top or these ruffle shorts would also be great statement styles by themselves. I’ve worn this gingham top with some high waisted jeans and I was going to pair these shorts with a simple tank. If you’re looking to add a few updates to your wardrobe I recommend adding some ruffles or gingham to your closet and either of these piece would be perfect. I’ve also linked a few more of my favorite ruffle or gingham styles below.

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Dress – Tularosa | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Bag – Chanel | Shoes – Forever 21

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it’s already Easter time? I feel like I was just writing the post for my birthday last August and like it was just Thanksgiving and Christmas. So crazy how the older you get, the faster time goes. Anyways I hope you have a happy Easter wherever you are spending the weekend. I am happily in Michigan visiting my family and spending the holiday with them.

I wanted to share this dress I shot while we were in San Diego last month because not only is it the most gorgeous dress I’ve seen in a while (pink + polka dots + ruffles + cold shoulder) it is also a currently trending style in my book. Cold shoulder styles have been “in” for quite a while but they are very on trend for the spring and summer with both dresses and tops. This dress is definitely one of my favorites for the upcoming seasons + I picked a few other dress styles I think are on trend for the warmer weather and I linked them below for you guys. Happy shopping!

My Favorite Dress Styles for the Spring and Summer

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Jacket – BLANKNYC | Top – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Boots – Zara | Bag – Gucci | Sunglasses – Rayban

Today I wanted to start a new series I am cleverly calling “Currently Trending” where I talk about current trends that I am loving. Todays current trend that I can see sticking around through spring and into summer is embroidery. I’ve seen embroidery on everything from shoes to bags to tops, bottoms + everything in between and I am loving it. There is something so fresh about a style with the right kind of embroidery detail and if you haven’t adopted an embroidery style into your closet yet for the spring you definitely should!

I found these Topshop embroidered jeans at my local Nordstrom and I know they will be a staple of mine for the next few months.  There are a ton of other jeans out right now with embroidery detail on them in all different colors and washes (I linked a few more pairs you can check out via the images below). I also picked up this new faux leather jacket when I get these jeans last week and I am LOVING it! I wear it more than any of my other jackets right now because I have finally found the perfect faux leather that fits me well and it feels so much more expensive than it is. This one is currently 35% off and if you’re in the market for a new faux leather for spring this one is great and under $60 on sale.

Shop more of my embroidery picks via the images below. I hope you guys like this new series on current trends and I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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