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Happy day one of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (if you’re a Nordstrom card holder, if not don’t worry you can shop the sale starting the 21st). I am ashamed/proud to say I already have a large cart full of goodies waiting to checkout. There are SO MANY good things on sale from clothes to shoes to beauty and home decor. Above are my top picks and some of the things I am checking out with. These are also the things I think will sell out the fastest.

I plan to share what I am purchasing plus my top beauty and home decor picks as the sale progresses so stay tuned for that! You can also shop ALL of my Nordstrom Sale Picks at the very top of my website under the Nordstrom Sale Picks tab.

As always if you have any questions about the sale feel OR if you just want advice on a certain item – I’m your girl! Shoot me an email to Happy shopping!

Dress – For Love and Lemons

The above photo is an actual shot of me running to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 🙂

But on a serious note – the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my form of Black Friday but 100x better because the sale actually includes things I want/need. If you’ve never shopped the upcoming NSale before or you don’t understand what all the hype is about don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! I’m here to share my insights about the sale and why it truly is a must shop sale. I also plan to share my favorite sale picks in upcoming posts later this week so stay tuned for that!

What Is the NSale and Why Should I Shop It?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or NSale is the sale of all sales. Why? Because most of the time retailers are putting items on sale that they are looking to get rid of. That’s not the case for the NSale. This sale includes new inventory for the fall/winter and is NOT the items Nordstrom is looking to get rid of. These are NEW items that are only marked down for the time limit of the sale and then they go back up to full price for the remainder of the season.

If you’re needing new designer jeans (or just want to splurge on some because hey they’re finally discounted) this sale is the time to shop them. Need some new boots for the fall/winter? Shop them during this sale! Always wanted a nice designer handbag but you haven’t been able to bite the bullet on the price tag? Buy that bag during this sale and save some $$! I promise you, you do not want to miss this one.

When Does This Sale Start?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public July 21st – August 6th. If you are a Nordstrom card holder you get EARLY ACCESS starting this Thursday July 13th. The best things tend to go early (duh) so if you are a card holder be sure to take advantage of those 8 days where you get first pick! All of the sale items go back to full price on August 7th.

You can shop the sale both online and in store. I prefer to shop online and do in store pickup if the item I am shopping for is available at my local Nordstrom.

If you want early access and do not have the Nordstrom card yet you can still sign up > here < I did it just to have access to the sale. You know I can’t miss out on the early deals!

What Should I Buy?

I personally recommend investing in those items that you’ve had your eye on that are now on sale OR those splurge items you wouldn’t normally want to pay full price for. Last year I bought a pair of jeans, some shoes, some workout clothes + I got Bryson a whole new update on his wardrobe. He got everything from jeans, to shoes to Calvin Klein underwear and a Topman bomber jacket. So maybe you don’t really need anything (who are you kidding?) but maybe your spouse or kid needs a wardrobe update. Perfect time to do this!

The items that go fastest are the shoes, bags and jeans so if you’re in need of one of those definitely shop them first. I plan to break down my favorite from each category late this week so stay tuned for that OR if you need personal shopping help send me an email to and I would be happy to help pick some goodies for you!

I hope this information has got you excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me! Don’t forget EARLY ACCESS starts this Thursday the 13th if you have the Nordstrom card. Stay tuned for my favorite sale picks coming in the upcoming posts later this week.


Hat – Forever 21 | Top – Rails | Shorts – One Teaspoon | Shoes – Converse

This year has been my busiest year ever for travel. I have been in and out of the airports at least once a month this entire year going mainly from California to Texas and up to Michigan. Now that might not be a big deal to some but for me that’s a lot of traveling. All this flying and travel has helped me master not only tips on how to fall asleep on a plane (I used to be too nervous to even sit still) but more importantly how to pack and stay organized on trips. I thought I would share my top 5 travel tips with you guys today!

5 Tips for Travel

  1. Pack in outfits – This tip is a big one for me. I used to be that girl who just threw in my favorite pieces from my closet in hopes to make outfits when I got to wherever I was headed. Now I have learned to only pack in outfits (with a few additional loose items if needed) to avoid over packing and to make life easier on the go. I will usually try my outfits on before I pack them to ensure I have everything I need for that look from strapless bras to the right pair of shoes. Once the outfit is together I pack it close together in my suitcase.
  2. Roll your clothes – Some of you might be familiar with this tip but if you aren’t this is a huge space saver and anti-wrinkle trick for ya! Roll all the items you can in your suitcase into a small hotdog shape and pile the rolled clothes together like logs in your suitcase. This helps big time with space but I’ve also found it helps keep some items from getting wrinkled as easily. Try it once and you will never be folding clothes into a suitcase again.
  3. Bring a steamer – My $35 Conair steamer is a life saver and I do not travel anywhere without it. Its a handheld and easy to pack steamer that can literally make any clothing item look fresh and ironed. I have had 2 of these steamers over the course of the last 4 years and I use them nonstop. Even if I am going somewhere for the night or the weekend I throw this baby in my bag because there is always that one top or dress that you wish you could steam the wrinkles out of. I swear by this steamer and have turned so many people onto it.
  4. Unpack when you get there – No matter if I am going to a hotel or an Airbnb I always utilize the closets and the drawers in our room. This helps me space out what I brought so when I go to get ready I can see what I brought instead of trying to dig through my suitcase and remember what outfits and such I have. I HATE living out of a suitcase so I always try to unpack as much as possible wherever I am to help me feel more organized.
  5. Know your trip – This might sound like a “duh” tip but it really helps me. I try to plan out as much as possible before going on the trip so I know what I will need while I am away. Check the weather so you know what kind of clothes to pack. Try to plan activities or get a good idea of what you will be doing before you leave so you know what kind of shoes, ect you will need. If you know you’re going to Disneyland for example you will know to pack some comfy shoes and your Minnie Mouse ears!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any good travel tips for me send them on over. Thanks for stopping by and shop my look below.

Top – Sans Souci | Overall Dress – Forever 21 | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Today I wanted to share another trend I am currently loving right now + seeing a ton of lately which is overalls. If you’re a 90’s kid like me the inner child in you is loving this trend. I totally remember wearing overalls when I was a kid and I love that they’re back in style. Overalls are also so easy to wear and you can literally put any type of top under them but I really like the look of an off the shoulder look with them.

I’ve been wanting to give the overall trend a try but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a pair because I know they’re a trend I won’t wear for long. When I saw this pink overall dress at Forever 21 the other day I instantly said “YEP!” – it comes in two colors (pink and black) and is under $30. If you’ve been wanting to give overalls a try I suggest checking out a store like Forever 21, H&M or Zara to find a pair that will be more affordable for such a trendy look. I’ve linked some other cute overall options below for you guys.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your week!

A few days ago I posted this photo on my Instagram and I asked all of you what questions you have for me regarding hair. I get questions here and there about how I style, what products and tools I use, how I keep my hair healthy looking, ect. So I wanted to compile all of your hair related questions into one Q&A blog post to help make a reference guide for you guys to come back to. I am no hair expert although I do have my Cosmetology license and I spent 2 years working in a salon. These are just the tips and tricks that have worked for me along with some hair knowledge I have from my background. Lets jump into it.

Q: What do you use to protect your hair from tools and heat?

A: I actually shower at night and let my hair air dry before bed and while I sleep. I very rarely blow dry my hair (I’m talking maybe 5 times a year) so the only time I use heat on my hair is when I curl it which isn’t everyday. After I shower sometimes I will use It’s a 10 Leave in Conditioner or I also love the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hairdresser Oil Primer + Heat Protector. Both products give you the effects of leave in conditioner + they de-tangle, strengthen and protect your hair. Lastly I just started using the Bumble and Bumble Does it All Hairspray which also has a mild heat protector. I will spray my hair when its dry before I curl it to give me some hold as well as protection.

Q: How do you control split ends?

A: Good question! I think this goes back to how you care for your hair in the first place. I strongly recommend using as little heat on your hair as possible and using a strengthening shampoo and conditioner as well as a heat protection like those I recommended above. As I said I very rarely blow dry my hair which I think cuts down on split ends. Try showering at night at least a few times a week to let your hair air dry. I also recommend getting a hair cut as needed – I cut my hair about 2 times a year. And DON’T pick or pull your split ends – It will only make them worse. Go see your stylist to get them taken care of!

Q: How do you curl/style your hair? What curling iron do you use?

A: I actually use a Marcel Iron for my everyday curls which is what we were taught to use in Cosmetology school but you can replicate the same waves with any wand or curling iron. I usually section my hair into two parts, the top and bottom and I start with the bottom section. Hold the curling iron or wand straight up and down and wrap your hair around the iron curling all curls away from your face. Leave about 1 inch of hair out at the ends if you want the beach, undone curls that I usually do. Continue to curl both sides of the bottom section and then move to the top doing the same thing. Once you’ve curled your entire head, let the curls cool before running your hands through them. Finish off with some light hold hair spray like the Bumble and Bumble Does it All or some salt spray. I use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion. Wah-lah! I hope that makes sense – if you need more help just ask!

Q: How do you keep your hair so healthy looking?

A: Honestly, I don’t do anything too magical. As I said before I shower at night and let my hair air dry and I think that really helps to keep it healthy. I only use heat when I curl my hair which again isn’t everyday. I take daily vitamins and drink a ton of water which helps with just about everything in your body and I try to eat as healthy as possible (most days). If your struggling with keeping your hair healthy I recommend Biotin vitamins which is really good for your hair, skin and nails. I also recommend trying to reduce heat and absolutely use a heat protectant when heat is necessary. Get hair trims regularly and ask for a deep conditioning treatment from your stylist which can be easily added onto your hair cut at the shampoo bowl.

Q: How often do you trim your hair?

A: I usually get my hair cut about 2 times a year and typically I get 1.5-2 inches taken off the ends. This routine has worked for me for probably the last 3-4 years ever since I started washing my hair at night. I can’t stress how much showering at night has helped my hair and has allowed me to go longer in between hair cuts.

Q: Do you wear hair extensions?

A: Nope! I actually wore clip in hair extensions from freshman or sophomore year of high school through my graduation because I got a bad hair cut and absolutely HATED my hair without the extensions. Once I started Cosmetology school I stopped wearing them and my hair grew long enough where I didn’t feel like I needed them anymore.

Q: What are your favorite tips for highlighting to minimize damage?

A: Good question! I recently started getting balayage done to my hair which is a highlight process that typically doesn’t require foils, doesn’t require heat to process and it doesn’t seem to use as much bleach. I honestly do not feel a difference in texture after I get my hair done and I think it is because the process of balayage isn’t as damaging as say a full head of foil highlights. Consider asking your stylist about this routine and the no-heat processing (meaning they don’t put you under a heat lamp to process your highlights). Also I strongly recommend a strengthening shampoo and conditioner if you do any type of lightening on your hair.

Q: Do you like wands or curling irons better? What brand iron do you have?

A: Honestly I like curling irons but more specifically my Marcel Iron the best. With wands I always tend to burn myself and I can get the same effects from my Marcel Iron so that just works better for me. I do have a Hot Tools curling wand and I don’t mind it but I usually stick to my Marcel Iron which is also by Hot Tools.

Q: How do you keep your curls intact throughout the day?

A: Hairspray! But also my hair has always held curls pretty well so that helps. But definitely use hairspray before and after you curl and that will help you keep your curls throughout the day.

Q: What kind of color do you request at the salon?

A: I usually book the appointment for a balayage or a full highlight. Once I get to the salon I always show my stylist at least 2-3 photos of the color I am looking to achieve and from there they typically just know what to do. From being both a hair stylist and a customer, I cannot stress how important having photos to show your stylist is. This will help put both of you on the same page for what you are expecting out of the appointment. I usually find my inspiration from Pinterest or girls I follow on Instagram.  If you see a hair color you like just save it to your phone for your next hair appointment!

I hope I was able to answer most of your questions! A lot of you had the same questions just asked in different ways. If you have one that I didn’t answer just send me an email to or a direct message on Instagram and I will get back with you!

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