Top – Nordstrom | Jeans – Zara | Heels – Topshop | Bag – Gucci | Sunglasses – Quay

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for going shopping because I recently took a trip to our local mall over the weekend and I felt super accomplished afterwards because it was such a successful trip. There are a ton of people out there who love shopping (I myself am one of those people) and there are those who absolutely hate shopping. If you fall in the second category or you want to figure out how to make the most out of your shopping trips I have some tips for you! I have fine tuned the process to make my trips as quick as possible so that I do not wonder around and waste time and money.

My 5 Tips for Going Shopping

  1. Make a list – I know this sounds like a no-brainer but up until recently I used to go to the malls or go online and wander around the stores and websites. This resulted in wasted time and money spent on things I didn’t really need. Now anytime I go shopping I make a list in my phone of what I am looking for and what I need and try my HARDEST to stick to that list. This weekend I was on the hunt for some shorts (which I picked up some cute pairs for upcoming posts), spring tops, makeup and I wanted to find some cute overalls (which I found a pink pair under $30 coming soon). This list helped me stay on task and get the things I needed.
  2. Know what works for you – When I say this I am referring to color, fit, styles, brands ect. For me I know I am always on the hunt for things that are pink because I love pink and I know it looks good with my hair and skin color. I also know that I like high waisted jeans or shorts preferably in a lighter wash or black denim. I like girly and edgy styles which helps me narrow down my search in a store like Nordstrom. I also always know what brands I am shopping for – for example I knew this weekend I wanted to checkout Topshop and Free People at Nordstrom as well as hit Zara, Forever 21, H&M as well as a few boutiques that sell some of the other designer items I like. Knowing what works for you helps making your shopping trips a bit easier.
  3. Know your sizes – Another no-brainer but going along with the making a list tip you should also make a note in your phone of the sizes you are needing for what you are shopping for. No one is one size for each brand + store so I typically like to check previous purchases to see what size I am needing for everything I am shopping for. That way when you get to the stores you don’t have to pull 2-3 sizes of each style to figure out what one works best. You can pull the one size and go from there when trying on.
  4. Find inspiration before shopping – I am constantly looking for inspiration on upcoming trends and styles. I look anywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to magazines and blogs. I have a thing for trendy styles so before I hit the malls or websites I like to get as much inspiration for what is on trend so when I see those styles in the stores or online – I can give them a try! Finding inspiration will also get your creative brain going and help make putting outfits together easier if you’ve seen it done elsewhere.
  5. Clean out your closet – This is a big one if you’re looking to update your wardrobe or do a decent amount of shopping. I heard once that for every new item you bring home you should donate or sell that many items. I’m not saying I do that but I do go through my closet probably monthly and pull things I don’t love anymore to make room for new. I typically take some stuff to resale places or I will list things on Poshmark or even just donate the items. Doing this regularly will give you a good idea as well to what you currently have and what you might need the next time you go shopping. How many times have you gone shopping and ended up with something you probably have 5 similar things of? I know I am guilty of that especially with basic tee shirts. Know what you have so you know what you need!

I hope these quick tips help make your next shopping trip easier! Thanks as always for stopping by!

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Top – Topshop | Shorts – Topshop | Heels – Dolce Vita | Sunglasses – Quay | Bag – Chanel

Happy Sunday loves! I just got back into town after being in Michigan for the last two weeks visiting my family. It was SO good to see my mom, dad, brothers, nephew and aunts + uncles. Being 1300 miles away from my family is the hardest but I try to enjoy every second with them while I’m home. <3

Today I wanted to share another trend or rather two trends I am loving at the moment. Give me anything that has ruffles on it and or is gingham print. Ruffles and gingham are both two styles that are on trend at the moment and I thought why not combine the two into one look? As soon as I saw this gingham top and these ruffle shorts I knew the two would go together for a perfect edgy feminine look (how I would describe my style in a nutshell).

┬áThis gingham top or these ruffle shorts would also be great statement styles by themselves. I’ve worn this gingham top with some high waisted jeans and I was going to pair these shorts with a simple tank. If you’re looking to add a few updates to your wardrobe I recommend adding some ruffles or gingham to your closet and either of these piece would be perfect. I’ve also linked a few more of my favorite ruffle or gingham styles below.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Dress – Tularosa | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Bag – Chanel | Shoes – Forever 21

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it’s already Easter time? I feel like I was just writing the post for my birthday last August and like it was just Thanksgiving and Christmas. So crazy how the older you get, the faster time goes. Anyways I hope you have a happy Easter wherever you are spending the weekend. I am happily in Michigan visiting my family and spending the holiday with them.

I wanted to share this dress I shot while we were in San Diego last month because not only is it the most gorgeous dress I’ve seen in a while (pink + polka dots + ruffles + cold shoulder) it is also a currently trending style in my book. Cold shoulder styles have been “in” for quite a while but they are very on trend for the spring and summer with both dresses and tops. This dress is definitely one of my favorites for the upcoming seasons + I picked a few other dress styles I think are on trend for the warmer weather and I linked them below for you guys. Happy shopping!

My Favorite Dress Styles for the Spring and Summer

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a happy Easter!

Top – Topshop | Skirt – Free People | Heels – Topshop | Bag – Gucci

If you haven’t noticed by now shoes are one of my absolute favorite accessories and they are probably what I end up buying the most of when it comes to my wardrobe. These embroidered Topshop heels are one of my current favorite pairs in my closet as they are such a statement and they can take an outfit like this from just a fun sweatshirt + skirt up a level to make it look more put together and chic. That is one of the reason I love shoes so much – you can wear a pretty basic outfit and let the shoes do allllll the talking.

My Favorite Shoes for the Spring and Summer

For the upcoming seasons I am loving three trends in shoes – espadrilles, lace-up styles and mules. I know that all three styles will be great from now throughout the summer and I’ve hand picked a few of my current favorite ones for you to check out. Most of the styles above are under $150 and are guaranteed to make a statement in your wardrobe. Thanks as always for stopping by and happy spring + summer shoe shopping!

Top – Nordstrom | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Jeans – Zara | Bag – Gucci | Heels – Forever 21

Happy Tuesday loves! Bryson and I spent the end of last week in San Diego for a spontaneous weekend away + a marketing event we attended for our business. The weather was perfect and I have to say San Diego is slowly becoming my preferred spot in California over Los Angeles but I really love them both. Speaking of love – this top. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it and I couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog. It is the perfect off the shoulder, ruffle top for the spring and summer and it dresses up with some jeans and heel or down with some shorts and espadrilles so easy. It is under $75 and you can shop it HERE.

On another note – it occurred to me the other day that I have been blogging pretty consistently for over a year now and I’ve yet to introduce myself nor do I have a bio here on my blog. Not only did I think “I really suck” but I also thought “that HAS to be my next blog post” so here are 10 fast facts about myself and my life;

Get to Know Me

  1. I’m 24 years old, a Leo and I’m originally from Michigan.
  2. One month out of high school I started Cosmetology school at an Aveda Institute and I graduated 13 months later. I started working at a high end hair salon and specialized in doing hair color.
  3. During this time I tried out for America’s Next Top Model and made it to the finale round only to be cut before taping because I wasn’t attending a school aside from Aveda and this was for the “college edition”. I even had to fly out to NYC, audition in front of a camera speaking directly to Tyra Banks, sign the huge contract, have a film crew come to my house and tape me and my family. Needless to say – this my one and only modeling attempt.
  4. I moved shortly after that to Texas for my boyfriend Bryson. I’ve known him since I was about 7 as our moms are best friends and he is the eggs to my bacon. After being long distance for a few months and visiting him once in Houston I decided to pack and ship 3 boxes and jump on a one way flight bound for Texas. We’ve been together going on 5 years now.
  5. We lived in Houston for 8 months before deciding we wanted to move over to Austin because it’s so pretty here. This is where we are currently living. We love it in Austin but we also love California and hope to have a spot in both places eventually.
  6. We have two golden retrievers – Riley + Ralf and one Persian kitten named Keek.
  7. Bryson and I own a business called FurryFreshness which we launched in 2015 and it is a carpet cleaner spray for pet stains and odors. This is what I am focused on about 90% of my day and the rest of my time I spend working on my blog or other various day to day activities.
  8. I also own an online boutique called Melvina which I launched shortly after moving to Austin but I have recently slowed down with that as FurryFreshness has gotten busier. I am hoping to relaunch Melvina in the coming months (or years) with a different look. I’ve loved having it and don’t think I would ever get rid of the business completely. I am just hoping to get more time to focus on it soon!
  9. My family back in Michigan means everything to me. I hate living so far away from them but I try to go back to home as much as possible to see them. I have two older brothers + my mom and my dad and I love them all so much!
  10. I started this blog as a passion and as an outlet for my personality and creativity. That will always be my driving force behind this. I couldn’t think of a better #10 so that’s all I have haha. Oh and my favorite foods are crab legs and Mexican food but as separate meals, definitely not together at once.

I hope you guys enjoyed these 10 facts about my life and I hope to share more as I continue to blog in the future! Have a great rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!

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