Dress – Show Me Your Mumu | Heels – Zara

Happy Sunday loves – I hope you all had a great weekend! Today is my 24th birthday and in honor of turning 24 I thought I would do a special blog post and share 24 things I am thankful for and or that make me happy. I am so guilty of getting caught up in the moment and forgetting to stop and think about all of the blessings in my life.  I’m sure I could list 2,400 things but I will keep it short and sweet instead. Here we go;

My family – they are my everything

My boyfriend Bryson – my rock


My pets – 2 golden retrievers Ralf and Riley, kitten Keek and yorkie Bella

My friends

My health

Fresh water

My house/having a roof over my head

Blogging and having a space to be creative

Fresh flowers

Crab legs and or pizza for dinner

Being able to travel

FurryFreshness and Melvina

Warm clothes fresh out of the dryer

Fresh sheets

Online shopping – cliche but true

Being able to help people + give back

Starbursts – only the pink, yellow or red

Yerba Mates or coffee in the AM

Days spent at home

A smile on the face of someone I love

Laughing and those who can make me laugh

A warm shower

Being able to turn 24

Thank you to everyone who has sent happy birthday messages, they mean the world to me! Now I am off to hang out with #2 + #5 and eat one of the options from #11 – feeling so blessed for another year!

Photos – Lyda Ham Photography