5 Tips on Traveling


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This year has been my busiest year ever for travel. I have been in and out of the airports at least once a month this entire year going mainly from California to Texas and up to Michigan. Now that might not be a big deal to some but for me that’s a lot of traveling. All this flying and travel has helped me master not only tips on how to fall asleep on a plane (I used to be too nervous to even sit still) but more importantly how to pack and stay organized on trips. I thought I would share my top 5 travel tips with you guys today!

5 Tips for Travel

  1. Pack in outfits – This tip is a big one for me. I used to be that girl who just threw in my favorite pieces from my closet in hopes to make outfits when I got to wherever I was headed. Now I have learned to only pack in outfits (with a few additional loose items if needed) to avoid over packing and to make life easier on the go. I will usually try my outfits on before I pack them to ensure I have everything I need for that look from strapless bras to the right pair of shoes. Once the outfit is together I pack it close together in my suitcase.
  2. Roll your clothes – Some of you might be familiar with this tip but if you aren’t this is a huge space saver and anti-wrinkle trick for ya! Roll all the items you can in your suitcase into a small hotdog shape and pile the rolled clothes together like logs in your suitcase. This helps big time with space but I’ve also found it helps keep some items from getting wrinkled as easily. Try it once and you will never be folding clothes into a suitcase again.
  3. Bring a steamer – My $35 Conair steamer is a life saver and I do not travel anywhere without it. Its a handheld and easy to pack steamer that can literally make any clothing item look fresh and ironed. I have had 2 of these steamers over the course of the last 4 years and I use them nonstop. Even if I am going somewhere for the night or the weekend I throw this baby in my bag because there is always that one top or dress that you wish you could steam the wrinkles out of. I swear by this steamer and have turned so many people onto it.
  4. Unpack when you get there – No matter if I am going to a hotel or an Airbnb I always utilize the closets and the drawers in our room. This helps me space out what I brought so when I go to get ready I can see what I brought instead of trying to dig through my suitcase and remember what outfits and such I have. I HATE living out of a suitcase so I always try to unpack as much as possible wherever I am to help me feel more organized.
  5. Know your trip – This might sound like a “duh” tip but it really helps me. I try to plan out as much as possible before going on the trip so I know what I will need while I am away. Check the weather so you know what kind of clothes to pack. Try to plan activities or get a good idea of what you will be doing before you leave so you know what kind of shoes, ect you will need. If you know you’re going to Disneyland for example you will know to pack some comfy shoes and your Minnie Mouse ears!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any good travel tips for me send them on over. Thanks for stopping by and shop my look below.

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