#becomingbilicek wedding updates + the perfect little white bridal dresses!

This week I did a fun Q&A session on my Instagram stories and I received SO many wedding update questions – I realized I have totally left you guys in the dark since our engagement!

The reason being – we’re not totally in a rush to get married nor do we feel a ton of pressure to set a date yet! We are taking things a bit slower and enjoying this time in our lives and being engaged – BUT I do have a few updates to share so I thought I would spill here on a quick blog post to reference back to!

#becomingbilicek wedding updates!

Timeframe – We don’t have the exact date set yet but we know that we want to get married next year in 2020 and it will be later in the year (ideally I would love a December wedding like the Hallmark movies!)

Location – You guys know we love Southern California and even hope to call it home someday so we want to get married out there either in La Jolla on La Jolla Shores Beach or Rancho Santa Fe at the Rancho Valencia Resort – our favorite!

Wedding Size – We will be keeping the wedding super small and super intimate to 20-25 people or less! Neither Bryson or I have a huge family or a huge group of friends and we want only the people we would invite over for the holidays at the wedding. We think it keeps things small, simple and super intimate!

Dress – I did some searching over the weekend and found a few inspo photos (and shared them on my stories) but I am thinking right now I want to do a strapless, fitted, mermaid style dress with a long train. I haven’t tried anything on yet so that might change but I am obsessed with that style right now!

Hair – Since I chopped my hair recently I’ve had a few questions about whether I will keep it short for the wedding or add my extensions back in – honestly I am loving my hair short and could see keeping it short for the wedding too!

That’s all the updates I have for now but I will of course keep you guys updated as the time gets closer and we plan more but ideally I want to keep things super easy, laid back, stress free and small!

Perfect Little White Bridal Dresses!

If you’re also an upcoming bride I thought I would also share some cute little white dresses for your upcoming bridal events – whether it’s your shower, engagement party or rehearsal dinner – these styles would be perfect for any bridal event you have coming up!

The one I’m wearing is this one – its a cute skater style off the shoulder dress with just the right amount of sparkle to make a statement but still be subtle and cute! It also comes in plus sizing here!

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun start of my #becomingbilicek wedding updates! I will of course again share more as more is planned! Thank you to David’s Bridal for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post – all thoughts are of course, as always – my own!

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