Friday Favs – Volume 2

Happy Friday gfs! This week flew by over here!

I’m not going to lie this week was a tough one for me. I think being on week 9 of quarantine along with having to make the tough decision to postpone our August wedding this week was hard. BUT with everything I always try to look forward to the positives and I know it was the best decision for us and our family + friends. We are currently looking to August 2021 now for the wedding but still might do something small and intimate just with B and I this year – who knows – we will see how everything plays out for the rest of 2020 and COVID!

This week we also made a huge life changing decision. That obviously took a lot of mental strength as well and I promise we will share all the details when we are able to announce within the next week – two. I think you guys are going to be super excited for us as we are very, very excited but also terrified at the same time! That’s normal with huge life changing decision right?

All of my craziness aside I hope you had a great week and you’re holding up okay! I know this month is mental health awareness month and I think now more than ever we need to be checking in on our friends and family by just simply asking “how are you holding up? how are you feeling today?” these simple questions can really help someone open up and get out what they need to get out! Check in on one of your loved ones this weekend!

Now onto some happy things – Friday favs is back again for volume 2 this week and I have some really good picks this week! From more lounge wear to under $20 Birkenstock dupes to new pretty jewelry I am rounding up all of my favs from this week for you girls!

A Few Stand Outs This Week:

  1. My top pick for all of quarantine is probably always going to be lounge wear – I am in it 24/7 right now and I just saw that Nasty Gal has restocked a ton of their cozies that I always share and love so I am linking their site and some of my favs here!
  2. I ordered a few books off Amazon this week. My favorite book of all time is The Energy Bus – great for positivity and mindset. I lost my first copy so I ordered another one and can’t wait to re-read it this weekend. Next I ordered @weworewhat ‘s new book This is Not A Fashion Story – her story on getting into blogging and turning that into a brand. Can’t wait to read that one too she’s so inspirational! Reading is also a great thing to be doing right now to keep your brain going and to help take a break from scrolling – I’m guilty of this!
  3. If you’re going to be scrolling you want to make sure you’re protecting your precious eyes! I LOVE these blue light glasses off Amazon too. B and I wear them every night and try to wear them on and off all day while looking at screens. These are so cheap but also amazing and have lasted us! Grab a pair for you and someone you love! B wears the black and I wear the tortoise!
  4. This week while doing an unboxing I received the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum – this serum is supposed to be, well, magic. It’s supposed to help with anti-aging, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines while also hydrating and plumping the skin. I will continue to test out and report back but the smell is amazing and so silky smooth!
  5. Lastly – yesterday on my Instagram stories (@jenniferxlauren) I shared a fun jewelry try on haul (saved to my jewelry highlights) with @mirandafrye – she makes the coolest, trendy, affordable yet luxe styles and I cannot wait to start wearing them daily. See all my favs below with links! You can also shop her entire website 10% off + free shipping with my code JENNIFERXLAUREN.

Shop all Miranda Frye Jewelry – code JenniferxLauren for 10% off and free shipping!

Shop Miranda Frye

Emerson Ring – ring on pinky finger – so cute and classic!

Ella Stack Rings – minimal ring on middle finger – comes in a set of 3!

Noel Ring – on thumb – so cute to stack with Haven Ring too on pointer finger!

Aubrey Stack Rings – on pointer finger – simple with CZs!

Brooklyn Necklace – my absolute favorite necklace right now! Such a statement, chunky but feels and looks luxe! Very trendy too!

Manhattan Necklace – best everyday simple necklace! Love this one for its simplicity yet statement.

I hope you guys like these weekly round ups – I always have fun doing them and sharing! Remember if you shop Miranda Frye you can use my code JENNIFERXLAUREN for 10% off and free shipping + I have the stories saved of each style to my jewelry highlights on my Instagram. I hope you girls have a great weekend and remember to check in on a loved one!

This Weeks Favs