Friday Favs- Volume 4

Happy Friday girlfriends!

Another week just flew by and I cannot believe it’s Friday again! This week we started the process of our next chapter (remember me mentioning that huge life change a few weeks ago? AHHHH SO EXCITING) and I can’t wait to share a life update with you girls this Sunday on my Instagram + all the details on Monday’s podcast (#yougotthis podcast).

This week I had a few favs but one big stand out star – my new fav way to do my hair. Let’s get into it!

A Few Stand Outs This Week:

  1. Bondi Boost Wave Wand – my latest favorite hair tool! Today on my Instagram stories I am sharing how to use this and guys I am obsessed! I tried it out on Tuesday and filmed the hair tutorial (see stories today for it or saved to my hair highlights) and I am amazed! This little wand gives the best natural looking, beachy mermaid waves I’ve ever seen AND I did my full head on Tuesday and have not had to barely touch up the waves since. The waves last and look even better as the days pass! HIGHLY recommend if you’re looking to try a new hair style like I was during this quarantine – don’t forget the heat protectant as that is big when using a wave wand!
  2. Gucci t-shirt – an oldie but a goodie! I have had this t-shirt for probably 3 years now and it might be one of my favorite purchases ever. Only because I have probably worn it 75+ times and really got the bang for my buck! It goes with everything from cut of shorts, to distressed girlfriend jeans to bike shorts or even sweats! I love how effortless and comfy it is – its just one of my all time favs! As it is so pricey I always make sure to link similar “dupe” options whenever I share it so I’ve linked a few here, here and here!
  3. Set Active – If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen me raving about Set Active the last 2 days because thats honestly what I’ve been living in! Set Active is a new activewear line that I recently started hearing about on social media. The owner is a young super inspiring female entraupure and I love supporting her for that. Aside from that her designs and activewear is so cute and SO comfy! I have been living in a matcha set and a rosy set for the last 2 days! The fit and quality is amazing and I just ordered another set in stardust. If you’re looking for some new (somewhat affordable) check them out! I’ve been ordering XS in everything but I could also do smalls I think!
  4. Chanel Eye Patches – so bougie right BUT to be fair I love them and I have tried everything from $3 eye patches to these and they are very nice! I love that they come with the anti-wrinkle revitalizing serum to apply before the patches. Something about this method makes me feel like my under eyes are getting more than just patches and I can quite literally say “my under eye bags are designer” – hehe! The set does come with 10 patches + the serum so I think although pricey I am happy with the purchase and every time I do the patches I feel like I am treating myself which is very needed right now!

I am realizing now this week is quite bougie but I always like to share exactly what I am loving and using…and this week has been a little bougie, sassy, classy. I think thats how the song goes! Stay tuned to my IG for our big life update on Sunday and all of the details on our podcast on Monday! Thanks for stopping by gfs and have a great weekend!