IG Round Up + How I Care for My Designer Bags

Top – Forever 21 | Shorts – Levi | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Quay | Bag – Gucci

Top – H&M | Shorts – H&M | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Bag – Gucci

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Bag – Gucci

Dress – Forever 21 | Shoes – Converse | Bag – Gucci

Heels – Topshop

Top – Zara | Shorts – Levi | Shoes – Converse | Bag – Gucci

Top – Chicwish | Shorts – One Teaspoon | Sandals – Zara

Top – Chicwish | Shorts – One Teaspoon | Sandals – Zara

Top – H&M | Skirt – Topshop | Belt – Gucci | Heels – Topshop

Top – Free People | Shorts – One Teaspoon | Shoes – Vans

Dress – Tularosa | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Top – H&M | Shorts – Levi | Shoes – Chanel

Top – ASTR the Label | Jeans – Zara | Booties – Zara

Happy Monday loves! There’s nothing like being super productive on a Monday and that is just how my day has been + I love it! I wanted to post an updated Instagram round up since I haven’t done one in a while. A lot of these styles above have been on repeat for me and as you can see I have been grabbing my Converse a ton lately. Both colors will definitely be summer staples for me!

This week I asked my Instagram followers to send over any questions or topics they wanted me to talk about on the blog and I had one sweet follower reach out and ask about how I care for my designer bags and keep them looking nice. I thought I would share my top 5 tips on how I care for my bags + these tips are great for both designer and non-designer bags!

  1. Use your dust bags – I know most designer bags come with dust bags and even some non-designer bags come with them. They come with those dust bags for a reason so be sure to use them when you’re not using that bag! I also highly recommend stuffing the bag with tissue or anything that can help the bag keep its shape before putting it away into the dust bag.
  2. Research your bag – This tip might sound funny but I always want to know what my bags are made of so I know not only what to do to care for them but what not to do. There is nothing worse than getting a pen mark on your bag (this happened to me this week on my pink Gucci Marmont) and not knowing how to care for it or using the wrong product to clean it. There are tons of websites that give tips and tricks on how to care for each type of bag, leather, ect. So do your research!
  3. Treat your bag like a baby – I am all about taking good care of things you spend good money on. You wouldn’t sit your child on the bathroom floor would you? So don’t sit your bag on the bathroom floor! My bags normally always sit on the car seat and never on the car floor. Be mindful where you’re sitting your bag and how you care for it as you carry it day to day.
  4. Find a specialist to care for your bag once a year – I went into the local Chanel store and asked the guy who sold me my last Chanel bag who he recommended to clean and care for my bags. He knew a local guy at a place called the Shoe Hospital (local Austin girls) where I take my bags and shoes once a year to have them cleaned, cared for and dyed if needed. This really helps to refresh your bag or shoes and keep them in shape!
  5. Rotate your bags regularly – I personally try not to carry the same bag for too long and always switch my bags out throughout the week. This helps to spread out your wear and tear over your collection instead of continuing to use your nicest bags even when you’re running to the grocery store (god knows how dirty those carts are). Try switching your bags out for what your day or week has planned.

I hope these tips and tricks help you guys better care for your handbags! Send me a message on Instagram if you have other questions or topics you want me to talk about on the blog. Thanks as always for stopping by!