Is the Billie Razor Really Worth the Hype?

Long story short – ABSOLUTELY it is!!

If you haven’t heard about the Billie razor yet maybe you just don’t live on social media like I do – kidding! BUT everyone has been talking about this razor for months and it never really occurred to me to try it. I always thought “oh another new and upcoming razor, I bet it’s nothing special”….or so I thought. I’ve tried TONS of razors – ones for sensitive skin, cheap ones, expensive ones, the newest chic ones I see at Target and even ones for men and I’ve never been impressed – until now!

Let’s backtrack a bit and let me preface this by saying I am someone who has had to shave Every night before bed I shower and I would have to shave my legs, underarms and whatever else. I know this sounds crazy to some but I don’t feel clean unless my legs are baby skin soft + stubble free. Over the last 10+ years of shaving I’ve tried probably every razor under the sun (or so I thought) and each one required me to keep shaving every day to get that smooth feeling before bedtime.

Starting off 2020 I finally decided to give in and try Billie and to say I am happy that I did is a true understatement. I ordered the $9 Billie starter kit (pictured above & below) which comes with my color preference razor (I picked pink of course), a replacement 5 blade head, a magnetic holder for the shower so your razor has a home and two samples of the shave cream and lotion. The box came in last week on Thursday. I put the razor to the test on Thursday night and sitting here on Sunday morning, I still have not shaved my legs. I’m not not shaving because I’m lazy and it’s the weekend…

I haven’t shaved in the last 3 days because for the first time in probably 10+ years – I DIDN’T HAVE TO!

I am so impressed with this razor. The shave you get with the 5 blade Billie razor is the closest shave I’ve ever felt. Say goodbye to having to take cold showers to get goose bumps in order to get a close enough shave.

So far I’ve also been able to say goodbye to RAZOR BURN. I have been so prone to getting razor burn over the years from constantly shaving and after the first shave with Billie I don’t have a single bump on my bikini line nor do I have ingrown hairs on my legs. This Billie razor is truly unbelievable! I can say this whole heartily and with a lot of extensive research + trial and error with other razors that this razor is unlike anything else!

Aside from the fact that it give an amazing shave it’s also very affordable – $9 for the starter kit which I mentioned above, $8 for the full size shave cream which I highly recommend if you want to add on and if you sign up for monthly blade replacements which deliver straight to your door, it’s $9 a month for 4 replacement blades each month.

So not only are the products amazing but you truly cannot beat the price! I was paying at least 2x the price+ with my local grocery store or Target razors. I am honestly just as shocked as you girls might be reading this but I am so happy to have finally found my solution and the fact that I will no longer have to shave!

Billie is also a USA based, female founded brand (we love that) and the razors are made here in America. The blades are also dermatologist approved and extra gentle on sensitive skin.

I know personally it can be hard to try something new off just one persons recommendation – it took me seeing this razor multiple times to finally take the plunge so I wanted to include a few things you girls sent me about this razor off Instagram + the customer reviews below!

Here’s what you had to say about the Billie razor

You can read more customer reviews linked here off the Billie website! And shop all the Billie products here!

I hope you guys liked this post + review on the Billie razor. I can honestly give their razor a full 10/10 and the shave cream as well! If you give the razor a try please let me know what you think! You can simply buy the $9 starter kit alone without having to sign up for any subscriptions and I do recommend starting there! Let me know also if you girls have any other products you would like me to do posts like this on!

Thank you to Billie for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are of course – as always – my own!

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