Confidence in Color

Jacket – J.O.A | Dress – Forever 21 | Boots – Stuart Weitzman | Bag – Gucci

People always say to me that pink is my signature color and that when they see anything blush or mauve pink they think of me. I absolutely love that because not only do I fill my Instagram feed with these colors, but because they are also my favorite colors and they are the colors that I feel most confident in. Do you guys have a color that you feel most confident in? I used to dress a lot in black and that is still one of my staple colors but ever since late last year I started adding more pinks into my wardrobe and it has truly brought out more confidence and happiness in my styling.

Now whenever I go shopping or into a store and I see something in a shade of pink I instantly want to buy it. Last night Bryson and I went grocery shopping and I saw cute plastic plates that were blush and I really wanted to get them for our house. Bryson wasn’t really a fan but again I was instantly drawn to them and they made me happy. January can be such a dreary month and one thing I can recommend to help bring you up is to find a color that makes you feel really happy or confident and gravitate to that more. Whatever the color is add some of that to you wardrobe or your home and I guarantee it will add a bit more happiness to your days ahead.

I recently picked up this jacket from our local Nordstrom when I grabbed the embroidered jeans from my last post and I am obsessed with it (my classic line). Dusty pink and faux shearing makes it the perfect statement jacket without being too much. I know it is currently 40% off at Nordstrom but the sizes are going quickly (shop via the images below). These boots have been a staple of mine for over a year now and if you’ve been following me you know not only do I wear them a lot but I love mixing them with pink because pink and grey is another combo I love. This bag is a new baby of mine that I got for Christmas and it has quickly become my everyday go to as the size is perfect for me and duh it’s pink.

Shop this look via the images. Thanks so much for stopping by!