Updated Hair Extensions Post – Answering Your Questions!

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Happy November loves!

I honestly cannot believe it’s already November 3rd – but I am SO happy about it! This is my all time favorite time of year (like everyone else) and yes my Christmas tree IS in fact going up today! I usually always put our tree up on or around the 6th of November so I can enjoy it and the holiday for as long as possible! For our theme this year I am using a similar style to our tree that I did last year – see my post from last year on how I decorated here.

But today I’m not here to chat about Christmas (I’ll do plenty of that over the next two months) today I am finally sharing my updated thoughts on all things hair extensions and answering more of your hair questions! The last post I did on hair extensions was last November so it’s fitting for me to update you guys on what I’ve changed and my thoughts! As you might know if you read my last post on hair extensions (linked here) I’ve tried all different types of extensions – I’ve done clip ins, tape ins, and two different types of the popular hand tied extensions.

Today I want to focus more on the differences in the two types of hand tied extensions, what I’m wearing now, what I love them most and answer your questions! If you have questions about tape in extensions, clip ins or why I am currently using hand tied extensions definitely check out last years post for those details! I also did a Q&A in last years post too so don’t miss all of that! This post is more a part 2 or updated thoughts on hand tied extensions!

Hand Tied Extensions

Spoiler alert from last post – I love hand tied extensions! Of all of the types I have tried, hand tied are my favorite! They are the most convenient, feel the most real, seem the least damaging and to me look the best! Hand tied extensions are basically extensions that require no tape, glue or heat for application making them safer and less damaging. They are sewn in and last about 8 weeks before needing to be moved up.

Last year at this time I was seeing my friend Jensen in Houston for Habit hand tied extensions. Habit is basically a brand name/type of hand tied extensions and is super popular on Instagram. When Jensen got pregnant this year and took time off to be with her precious little girl I had to find someone else to help with my extensions. I was familiar with Natural Beaded Row extensions in the past which is another brand/type of hand tied extensions. While Jensen was gone I wanted to do the split test and try Natural Beaded Rows so I could compare the two main hand tied methods for you guys and report back!

Natural Beaded Rows or NBR is actually rumored to be the original type of hand tied extensions created by Danielle White (she’s another blogger, business owner, stylist and fun to follow on IG) the process appears to be very similar in all honesty but there are a few things I have noticed in wearing both that make them slightly different!

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Habit vs NBR Hand Tied Extensions

So let’s get into it – how do the two types compare? Overall the extension methods are very similar. If you only have one option of a stylist near you to do one or the other – either should turn out amazing! What I have noticed with the NBR extensions is they lay closer to my head feeling less bulky whereas the Habit hair feels thicker at the top of the wefts of hair. If you do try NBR extensions make sure they are using Isla hair which is the hair also created by Danielle White and is amazing quality and lays SO flat as the hair is hand sew onto the wefts vs machine sew onto the hair wefts!

Another thing I like about NBR is they seem to go in tighter and stay in place longer without slipping. I went a solid 8-9 weeks from my first NBR appointment to my most recent one this week without any of the extensions slipping or falling out. However the double edge sword with that is they are a bit tight the first 2-3 days and some even experience tightness for up to a week. I have a tough head so it doesn’t bother me much but it is something I have noticed and wanted to share!

One last thing I have noticed and this could be stylist preference (I see Amanda for NBR and Jensen for Habit and both girls are AMAZING and located in Houston) but I have noticed for NBR they put the extensions in at the very end of your apt after the color is done as the last step and I really like! With my Habit extensions they put the hair in first, then colored it all with your natural hair, then wash and cut and style and to me it seems like a less smooth process and more time consuming! My NBR appointments have been 2 hours shorter than my Habit appointments.

Overall I really thought I would find more differences in the two hand tied methods but honestly either one is great! I personally am loving my NBR for now! If you try one method and don’t love it – give the other one a try! Below are my before and afters with NBR from my first apt!

Answering Your Hair Q&A’s

Q: Are extensions worth the splurge?

A: To me – 10000%! I have always had thick hair strands but thin in the amount of hair I have so extensions just help me feel better about my hair overall! I wore the clip in extensions in high school so it has always been something I’ve liked to do. Depending on your budget you can try clip ins first as they are the most affordable and work your way up to hand tied once you’re ready for the commitment and investment!

Q: Have you ever tired the glue in extensions?

A: I personally have not – they seem the most damaging to me from seeing those who have done them and what I learned in hair school! I like the idea of hand tied as they don’t require heat, glue, tape, etc! I found the tape in ones to be the most damaging that I’ve tried! The thought of glue or tape on my hair doesn’t seem right!

Q: What are the best type of extensions?

A: I think this 100% comes down to preference but to me hand tied without a doubt! I am loving my Natural Beaded Rows by Amanda!

Q: Which are the least visible type of extensions?

A: From what I have tried hand tied again are the least visible! I found the tape ones to turn and flip and stick out a lot for me and I could never put my hair up. The clip in extensions aren’t bad for visibility but again the hand tied are the best I’ve tired for this too!

Q: How was your experience with tape in extensions?

A: Again these were my least favorite of all extensions! They were the most damaging for me and if you think about tape in your hair it totally makes sense! They also again turned and stuck out and I couldn’t put my hair up with the tape ins. I would recommend the clip ins before the tape ins!

Q: Which method of extensions are the most comfortable?

A: I would say the most comfortable are probably either the clip ins or the hand tied. With the clip ins it is nice that you can take them out at night but then you have to put them back in daily. The hand tied get more comfortable after that first week I would say and then I truly don’t ever feel them! I do have a tough head but I’ve heard from others too they aren’t bad!

Q: What is the approx price of each type of extensions?

A: Pricing totally depends on the stylist you go to! For a good ball park range clip in extensions can range from $100+ vs tape in extensions can range from $600+ vs hand tied extensions usually range from $1200+ for the initial appointments with the cost of hair.

Q: Can you wash your hair as normal with tape in or hand tied?

A: Yes you can! When I do wash I shampoo 3 times each time just because I have so much hair and I want to make sure to get everything clean but yes 100% you can!

Q: Are extensions damaging?

A: This is a tough question! I always tell people that extensions in any form are going to be slightly damaging no matter which option you do or who you see. Your essentially hanging something from your other hair strands and hoping it won’t break them! I have personally found again tape ins to be the most damaging so I would recommend avoiding those. Always be gentle with your hair when you do have extensions (don’t pull, tug, brush hard etc) and I always recommend vitamins to keep your hair healthy and a good shampoo for not only the hair strands but also your scalp!

Q: What exactly do they do in your hair for length, thickness, etc?

A: Currently we are doing 22″ extensions (hair is the Isla brand) but we cut them to just under my boobs and we put two rows of NBR extensions in. If you tell your stylist that they will know what to do!

I hope this post helps all of you who are considering extensions! If I didn’t answer your question please send me a DM on instagram (@jenniferxlauren) or email me – [email protected].

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