Chatting Athlesiure Looks with YOOX!

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Who doesn’t love athleisure?

I have to say – athleisure is my favorite thing to wear! Don’t get me wrong I love wearing cute girly dresses and skirts and sweaters but nothing beats a good athleisure look in my book! Today I am partnering with Yoox which is a sister website to Net-a-Porter and they have all kinds of amazing designer finds from names like Gucci, Fendi, Givency, Balenciaga, you name it – they have it! But what I really like on their website is their athleisure selection because it’s so different from most websites athletic styles! They do a really amazing job of picking styles that look really high end while still offering affordable options – my entire look is under $230!

Today I’m breaking down my favorite Yoox active styles – leggings, tops and sneakers for you guys below! Most all of these styles are under $100 and perfect for wearing day to day to grab coffee, run to Target OR you can actually wear them straight to the gym as well – the best part about athleisure! AND they even carry activewear by Spiritual Gangster, Adidas and more – all with amazing sale prices!

My FAV Tops

My FAV Leggings

My FAV Sneakers

SO MANY cute activewear styles it was hard to narrow down my picks. I think when I searched Adidas sneakers there was literally 130 pages of different, cool and unique Adidas sneakers – not the same ol same ones you see on everyone which I think is really awesome! I also love all of the sale picks for Spiritual Gangster and Adidas by Stella McCartney – both brands have really fun athleisure picks!

I hope you guys like the Yoox website and if you grab anything let me know what you find! I could literally spend hours on the site looking at styles you really wouldn’t find anywhere else! Happy shopping!

Thank you to Yoox for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post! As always – all opinions and thoughts are my own!

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