Amazon Finds: Designer Dupes!

1. Chanel bag dupe | 2. Louis Vuitton bag dupe | 3. Hermes bag dupe | 4. Chloe bag dupe | 5. Hermes blanket dupe | 6. Cartier love bracelet dupe | 7. Hermes sandals dupe | 8. Valentino sandals dupe | 9. Gucci belt dupe | 10. Ray-Ban sunglasses dupe | 11. Gucci flats dupe | 12. Hermes bag dupe

Designer lovers, Amazon lovers, dupes lovers – you’re going to LOVE this post!

This past weekend I took a much needed step back from social media – and instead I somehow managed to fill my Sunday online shopping. To be fair tho to me online shopping is like therapy (right?) and I got lost for HOURS on Amazon! I was originally looking to put together my Amazon favorites for you guys (SEE MY AMAZON FAVS HERE) but then I discovered there is an entire world of designer dupes easily stoppable on Amazon. My mind was blown! If you don’t know what a dupe is pretty much its a knockoff of a designer item. Now this can be controversial as dupes are literally stealing a designers idea and creating them cheaper and more mass produced. I can see both sides here but as someone who loves and appreciates designer items – I totally get not loving the price tag that comes with them!

I have never personally bought a dupe before (I did buy a few of these off my Amazon page to share with you guys and compare to the originals on IG stories but they’re not in yet) but I can tell you some of them have good reviews on Amazon! One of my most popular items sold last year was THIS Gucci t-shirt dupe for the authentic one I wear all the time! I totally get the desire to buy dupes (hello you’re saving $$) so I’m happy to share these but again *please keep in mind I do not personally have or use these items to speak on their quality!* If any of the links say item not found I believe that is because Amazon does monitor the dupes and possibly shuts some of them down making the link invalid. At this time of posting – all links and items are available so happy dupe-ing!

1. Hermes sandals dupe | 2. Celine bag dupe | 3. Valentino sandal dupe | 4. Louis Vuitton bag dupe | 5. Gucci (thicker) belt dupe | 6. Stuart Weitzman boot dupe | 7. Gucci flats dupe | 8. Hermes bracelet dupe | 9. Chloe bag dupe

My original styles vs the dupes!

My Gucci flats $695 | Dupe for my Gucci flats $52

My Chanel flap bag $3800 | Chanel bag dupe´╗┐ $150

My Chloe Faye bag $1400 | Chloe Faye bag dupe $56

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I plan to do a new series here on my blog called “Amazon finds” (shop all of my Amazon favs here) and I will continue to share dupes if you guys like them! If you do order anything please let me know how the quality is, shipping, etc!

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