We Bought an RV!

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Happy October loves!

Whew this year truly feels like it is flying by! I cannot believe we’re already in October but I can’t say I hate it because this is my favorite time of year! From October all the way through Christmas – I love – can you agree? I know I have totally dropped the ball on blog posts this year but I am slowly getting back into my posting routine and you guys can hold me to that! If you have been following along on Instagram then you know Bryson and I made a pretty big purchase a few days ago….we bought an RV and today I’m sharing the story behind the purchase, what we bought and some of our must haves for RVing so far.

What RV we bought – A 2019 Winnebago View 24J

Story behind the RV – If you follow me on Instagram (@jenniferxlauren) then you know my boyfriend Bryson rides dirt bikes. Throughout the year he has races around the state and some of them can be far from home. Before we bought Wynne (the name we picked for the RV) we had a sprinter van that we converted somewhat to camp in. It worked ok but it definitely was not as comfortable or as easy to live in as the RV is. We always thought we would do a full conversion on our sprinter van to make it more like an RV but we just never did or had the time plus Bryson has always secretly wanted to go full force with an RV.

Enter Bryson approaching his 30th birthday (his birthday was last Friday 9.28) and the talks of buying an RV came about. He wanted to do something special for turning 30 and I guess you can say he achieve that! We looked online at RVs on and off for over a month before we decided to start looking at them in person. As soon as we started doing that – we were hooked and eventually bought Wynne within a week of searching around Austin. So far we have taken her out on 2 overnight trips and we are in LOVE! We are so happy with the layout we picked and that we decided to go with a Winnebago style.

Here are some Intagram videos I shared the day we picked up Wynne


Our RV must haves so far – Obviously we haven’t gone on enough trips to have a long list of must haves if you’re considering an RV but I can share what we have bought so far to make living in the RV on the weekends better. First and foremost I highly recommend a memory foam mattress pad to add to your mattress. Personally I just think it makes the bed more comfortable and soft. Here is the bed topper we got from Bed Bath and Beyond. I also recommend if you’re a clean freak like me to get a small vacuum to keep in the RV as the space is small, the floors get dirty quick! Here is the vacuum we got from Amazon. It works really good and its compact which is awesome. The next thing I recommend if you’re an avid coffee drinker like myself is a compact coffee maker. I found the most amazing one on Amazon and it takes K-cups and makes the most amazing coffee ever! Heres the coffee maker we got and its like $40. Aside from the cosmetic things for inside the RV you will want to also pick up your RV basics such as a white drinking safe water hose, leveling blocks, levels, etc which I am linking what we got for those and a few other things we’ve picked up below!

If you’re considering an RV or you have one and you have questions or even recommendations for us please send me an email to [email protected] and I would love to chat! I’m sure we will share plenty more of Wynne here on the blog as well as on my Instagram so make sure you follow along there! Thanks for stopping by and chat again soon!

RV essentials!