It has been 5 days now and I still can’t believe it!

First let me start out by saying THANK YOU for the out pour of love, support, sweet messages, comments and texts we have received in the last 24 hours since we announced our engagement. We never expected so much love and support to come our way and we truly, truly appreciate it! This is such a special time for Bryson and I + to have all of these sweet words and well wishes coming our way – it just makes this even more special!

The Story

If you follow along on Instagram then you probably saw that we were in California this past weekend for some business related stuff. When we first landed in Los Angeles last Wednesday Bryson and I were just bouncing around in LA before making the drive south to Rancho Santa Fe for the rest of our trip. While in Los Angeles we stopped by Rodeo Drive where Bryson did some shopping (surprisingly I did not buy a thing) and we passed by the Cartier store. In the window was the most gorgeous engagement rings and I jokingly said “let’s just go in and get engaged” little did I know that was the spark to our engagement weekend!

Fast forward and we ended up leaving LA that afternoon went down to Rancho Santa Fe for the classes we were taking the next two days. We never went into the Cartier store but the idea of getting engaged stuck with us since I mentioned it. During our classes one of our mentors mentioned us getting engaged to Bryson and we laughed and said we were thinking about it. He said “Bryson, what are you waiting for? You’re never going to get anyone better” LOL I think THIS was the fire Bryson needed under him because I am not really the pushy type!

Our classes ended on Friday and we considered going back to LA to do some ring shopping when I remembered I had followed a wholesale jeweler Happy Jewelers based in Orange County on Instagram months back. I do not follow any other jewelers but there was something about their rings (so gorgeous) that caught my eye and their prices were way better than what we were ever going to get from a place like Cartier! We decided on Friday night that Saturday we would get up and head over there to look at their selection. I will forever cherish this Friday night because we spent the evening getting our nails done and getting Thai massages in La Jolla in preparation for the following day!

December 1st 2018

Saturday morning came super early – I woke up at like 430AM and could not go back to sleep! My mind was racing and I was just SO excited! We finally got up + got ready and we made our way up to Happy Jewelers which was about 2 hours from where we were staying in Rancho Santa Fe. Pulling up to location you really wouldn’t even expect where it is located BUT trust me when I say the experience, the customer care, the diamonds, the settings – all worth the trip!

Happy Jewelers is a small family owned jeweler since the 1970s which is really awesome but even better they pride themselves on customer care which is exactly what we do with FurryFreshness! We could have walked into any jewelry store and we would have never gotten the customer care, the education and the love we got at Happy Jewelers. We worked with Gabe who is one of the owners along with Sophia and Korrin and they all went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our purchase!

We ended up with a 3.01 carat G SI1 oval diamond in a small halo setting with a thin diamond band. I could not be happier with how the ring came out and we got to pick everything from the stone, size, clarity, color to the setting we wanted for the diamond. They custom made the ring on the spot for us within an hour and we were able to take the ring same day! It was all surreal and such a cool experience and memory for Bryson and I! A ton of you messaged me asking if Bryson designed the ring – he picked the setting and together we decided on the diamond!

I left with the ring on my finger and Bryson asking me to be his wife. 

I know this probably seems very non-traditional from the normal “he got down on one knee” but if you know Bryson and I personally then you know we are super spontaneous with everything from our cars, to our animals to houses and this was no different! This was so us and I really wouldn’t trade this day or experience for anything else!

We went straight from the ring store to our favorite Mexican food spot in San Clemente called Shwack Cantina and we got down on allllll of the good Mexican food. After that we went to La Jolla Shores beach for the sunset and a few photos before driving back to the hotel listening to Christmas music the entire way. Seriously the BEST DAY! We got champagne at the hotel, a cheese plate + chocolate cake and spent the rest of the night celebrating our excitement. Ugh I wish I could go back and relive the day it was so good!

I hope this gives you a small glimpse into our engagement day and I cannot wait to share this entire journey with you guys! I am not planning the wedding anytime soon but will keep you guys posted along the way via Instagram and here on the blog! We are thinking something really small on the same beach in La Jolla or the same hotel we stayed at in Rancho Santa Fe either next year or the following – we’re in no rush!

THANK YOU again for all of the love and support – we are truly so happy and feeling so blessed!