Your New Hair BFF!

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Dry shampoo…

Every girl’s hair BFF – am I right? Whether you’re running from the gym to errands (usually me) without time to wash or you’re on day 3 hair (also usually me) – dry shampoo is a life saver! Working to absorb the oils in your hair, dry shampoo easily extends your hair wash days 2-3x which is amazing for saving time and let’s be honest – who likes washing their hair?

We’ve all tried good dry shampoos and more often bad ones – but have you tried one with 100% no white residue that actually does exactly what it claims? I feel like I’ve searched high and low for a great dry shampoo and I can honestly say I’ve found one to write to you girls about – meet your newest hair BFF Waterl<ss.

Waterl<ss was created by a small team of scientists looking to improve the non-wash day experience for all hair types. Around the time of their launch in January 2018 a real-time emergency was happening in Cape Town, the city announced they were 3 months away from completely running out of water for their city of 4 million people. With a clear need and a limit to water access the team at Waterl<ss tested their products there to help ease the situation just a bit. Without the ability to use water the people of Cape Town were able to rely on this very product to help cleanse their hair. Fast forward and now the Waterl<ss collection focuses on creating products for a diverse range of hair types to help you cleanse, condition and protect without a drop of water needed!

I am someone who can use dry shampoo every day. I use it to fix my bed head in the mornings. I use it sometimes prior to the gym (especially on a sweaty day like leg day) to absorb the oil as I work out – this is a great tip to remember! I use dry shampoo after the gym before I run errands or I have to film for the day. Sometimes I even add a little dry shampoo or the conditioner (which smells amazing!!) before bed if I don’t want my hair to be smelly for my pillow and B.

I snapped these before and after photos below of me post gym pre Waterl<ss and after using Waterl<ss below – crazy huh?

Before & After Waterl<ss

If you’re in the market for a new dry shampoo that does what it says it will without leaving a white residue behind – give Waterl<ss a try and if you do please let me know what you think! I have a feeling you will tell me you just met your new hair BFF! Grab yours at Sally Beauty HERE!

Thank you to Waterl<ss for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts, opinions and tips are my own!

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