Let’s Talk Hair – Extensions, Products I’m Using & More!

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Let’s Talk Hair!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@jenniferxlauren) then you know I recently got some new extensions that I am LOVING! On Halloween Bryson and I drove from Austin to Houston and back in one day to get these extensions – 6 hours round trip – that’s how good they are! My girlfriend Jensen did them (see her hair magic on Instagram @jensenwessendorff) and the method she does is called Habit Hand Tied Extensions which if you go to their website or visit the Habit Salon Instagram you will see why I wanted to try this gorgeous hair + this method!

Before I got my new extensions I had tape in extensions by Halo Couture. Before the tape ins I had clip in extensions in HS.  Both options were okay and all 3 options (Habit Hand Tied, tape in and clip in) all have their pros and cons. Today I’m going to share my opinions on all 3 + answer a few of your common hair Q&A’s and product questions at the end!

Habit Hand Tied Extensions

“Hand Tied hair extensions are for women who want really undetectable hair extensions or who have very fine hair. This hair is meant to be sewn onto a braid or beads” – Google


  • They feel most like my natural hair
  • They are not noticeable – you can’t see the rows even when I pull my hair up
  • They are the most natural looking extensions I’ve had – they blend with my natural hair really well
  • They give me the most volume and body from any extension I’ve ever had
  • They feel secure – won’t come out if I’m brushing my hair after the shower
  • Best to achieve the “beachy California hair”
  • My personal favorite so far!


  • Most expensive of the 3 types – for reference Jensen’s prices (who did my extensions) start at $1200 for the initial appointment which includes the cost of the hair and $200 for every move up appointment after!
  • You do have to get them moved up every 6-8 weeks (standard for hair extensions)

Those 2 cons are really the only cons I have found so far but in my opinion you get what you pay for!

Conclusion: I LOVE my Habit extensions and I recommend them to anyone who wants a really full look using extensions! To find a Habit stylist near you visit their website or contact Habit directly! Here is a video of how my Habit extensions turned out!

Tape In Extensions

“Tape In hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds.” – Google


  • Individual strips of hair vs a long weft of hair like Habit or clips ins
  • Great for an introduction to hair extensions
  • You can use them as fillers if you have thin spots around your face (my mom does this! she probably has 4-6 extensions just around her face)
  • Price is middle of the road. Prices can range from $500+


  • You can see the tape a lot of the time
  • Hard to pull your hair up without seeing the tape
  • Tape is hard to get out of your hair when you want to remove the extensions
  • Not as sturdy feeling – I brushed a few out after the shower
  • I felt like they thinned my natural hair out – I’ve heard all extensions are damaging but I can’t speak on the Habit Hand Tied ones yet but I can tell you my hair is definitely thinner since using tape ins for a year

Conclusion: The tape in extensions are a great temporary option but I wouldn’t personally recommend them long term. Use them as a filler, as a test option or for an event. See my tape in extensions below!

Clip In Extensions

“Clip In hair extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair – giving you longer hair, lowlights, highlights, or added volume. All clip in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces of varying widths.” – Google


  • Easy to put in and take out yourself – no stylist needed
  • Great for an event without commitment
  • Least expensive option – prices range from $100+
  • Another great test option before getting tape in or tied in extensions
  • Put them in and take them out in the same day


  • You have to put them in and take them out every time you wear them
  • They’re only a temporary option
  • Hard to put your hair up with

Conclusion: The clip in extensions are a great option for temporary events or to try extensions and the price is great. They’re easy to get in and out but not the best for long term!

Hair Q&A’s

Q: How much do the Hand Tied Extensions cost?

A: Jensen’s prices start at $1200 and go up from there depending on your needs. The Habit Hand Tied website shows the price as $1500+ prices vary depending on the stylist and your location! Just remember you get what you pay for!

Q: Where can you find a reputable stylist for extensions?

A: I found Jensen and my last stylist Ally both off Instagram! You can find a local blogger or influencer in your area and see who they go to and if they do extensions. If you know what kind of extensions you want to do – like Habit – you can go to their website directly to locate a local stylist! Or simply Google and see who is in your area and what their reviews and photos show!

Q: Do you have tips on hair growth?

A: Yes! In hair school we were always taught to recommend Biotin supplements (check with your doctor before adding any new vitamins or supplements) or even a daily vitamin that has Biotin in it is great too! I also recommend washing and drying a little as possible. I personally wash my hair 1-2 times a week and I always let my hair air dry about 90% before hitting it with a dryer. Also use a heat protectant if you use heat tools!

Q: How do you keep the extensions from tangling and drying?

A: I always use a heat protectant with detangler (Unite’s 7 Seconds) which helps not only detangle my extensions after the shower but also protects them! I also brush my hair in the morning and the night before bed to make sure to get any tangles out. I also recommend oil for the ends to keep them from looking dry (Unite Hair Oil).

Q: How much work/up keep are the extensions on a daily basis?

A: Honestly they make my hair less maintenance than when I don’t have them! They hold curl longer than my normal hair so most of the days I am just touching up my curls in the morning. I am also able to go longer in between washes before my hair gets oily looking because of the extensions.

Q: How often do you have to go back in to get the extensions moved?

A: My stylist Jensen recommended 6-8 weeks to me and I think that is pretty standard for tied in or tape in extensions!

Q: What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

A: I have been using the Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo and Conditioner for a while and I love it!

Q: What do you use to curl your hair?

A: For the last few months I have been using the t3 Singlepass Curling Iron and I really like it! I have the wands from t3 and I love those as well – great gift options too!

I hope this answers most of your hair + extensions questions. I will keep you guys posted on how I like the Habit Hand Tied Extensions long term but so far so good! If you have any other hair questions to ask send me an email to [email protected]. Thanks for stopping by!


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